Electronic Capability

Cooper Fluid Systems utilizes the Oracle e-Business Suite throughout its nationally linked computer network. This system enables development of B2B solutions for large account customers.

Our Oracle IT system consists of six integrated applications interacting in unison – Procurement, Order Management, Inventory Management, Finance, Work In Progress and Discoverer Reporting Tool. This system allows full monitoring and control across all areas of our business and enables full traceability throughout our business processes. We have the ability to email invoices and statements monthly in addition to hard copy versions, allowing customers to electronically monitor and save all accounting information and exchanges. 

Cooper Fluid Systems continually strives to keep up to date with the most modern accounting practices and technologies to enable contact and smooth transactions with our customers.

As part of our continuing effort to ensure transactions with our customers are as fast and hassle free as possible, we have begun to develop solutions enabling direct B2Btrading for large account customers. Seamless integration between our Oracle system and customer’s computer system is possible via a third party electronic integration partner, allowing simple and efficient ordering with no manual intervention. Full integration is currently provided to customers using Quadrem and Mincom Axis as their trading partners and future integration with other providers is able to be investigated.

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